«Cross» choker

A designer choker "Cross", encrusted with sparkling stones in the form of a Ukrainian ornament "Cross".

In the choker:
• Convenient fastening clasp.
• Pleasant-to-touch material.

«Cross» ornament:
• Serves as a powerful talisman.
• Protects against negativity.
• Strengthens person's energy.
• Brings harmony and balance.

Three colors are used in the ornament: red, white and blue.

Red symbolizes a person's love for life and joy. It embodies the material world and the element of fire, providing impetus to the realization of one's plans. This color attracts energy, energizes space and repels negativity.

White is the color of energy and information accumulation symbolizing the power of Light, the Creator, purity and innocence. It represents the wealth and spiritual energy of its owner. This color restores energy possibilities and repels negativity.

Blue is the symbol of peace of mind, the color of energy and transformation. It embodies the feminine principle, matter and the water element, bringing harmony.

We produce the choker individually for you. We will help you with measurements to ensure that the product fits perfectly and becomes your favorite accessory.
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