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Ana Kim translated from Sanskrit means "the one that bears the feminine principle in exquisite lingerie"

Therefore, emphasizing femininity, sensual sexuality and bringing beauty to the world is the main mission of our brand.

We combine the beauty and aesthetics of each product with Ukrainian traditions which makes our brand unique and especially attractive.
Comfort and beauty
Each model, before going on sale and hitting the shelves, is brought to perfection like a diamond.

Maximum comfort and beauty, unsurpassed quality and unique design with special meaning are exactly what we strive for to amaze you and make you fall in love with our products at first sight.
Ana Kim is ...
The brand was founded in 2019.

Ukrainian designer Ana Kim creates original and unique premium class products with an emphasis on ancient Ukrainian traditions presenting them in a brand new modern way.

Ana Kim is a team of professionals who share one dream: to make Ukrainian design recognizable, desirable and understandable all over the world.
Ana Kim Lingerie
Ana Kim is a modern Ukrainian design ambassador where the soul and creativity of our people live and develop.
beauty and simplicity
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