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Svarga can be left-sided and right-sided. It is ancient and one of the most powerful energy signs in different peoples and cultures.

A cross is a symbol of the family hearth in clockwise movement, and a symbol of spiritual flame in counterclockwise movement.

✔️Svarga! It is a symbol of HAPPINESS! The symbol of the sun among the Slavs, and cycles in nature. Few people know that this symbol contains the meaning of life. Moreover, in the ancient Indian language — Sanskrit, Swarga is referred to as "paradise".

It is a symbol of harmony created by two balanced streams. Svarga is an old and energetically strong sign.
Eight-ray star
⚜️ Alatyr (also called "the Full Horn") is formed by superimposing a straight cross (a symbol of the masculine principle, the Sun) and an oblique cross (a symbol of the feminine principle, the Moon). The combination of these two essences naturally gives life to everything.

⚜️ Traditionally, it is a symbol of God the Creator, a symbol of Order and the Universe. It connects four directions of the world and means absolute balance and harmony .

⚜️ This symbol has a powerful healing effect on a person. From time immemorial, our Ancestors used the octagonal star as a universal amulet in their everyday life. Alatyr stood in every house on Christmas Eve to take care of the inhabitants and to drive the trouble away from the house.

⚜️ "The Full Horn" is also called "the Mother's Star". It is exactly the same symbol that we often see on the icons of the Virgin.

⚜️According to the research of biophysicists, it is the octagonal star - the octahedron - that represents the model for constructing the energy field around any living organism. 8 is not an accidental number. After separation, the human zygote has exactly 8 cells and 8 energy flows which later form the physical and spiritual basis of the embryo.

⚜️The Slavs have a legend about the mysterious stone "Alatyr" having magical properties which researchers are still looking for.
⚜️Even in pre-Christian times, the cross served as a reliable protection and amulet against negativity and evil.

⚜️ Being multifaceted and inexhaustible, it symbolizes the idea of centricity and not the delimitation of space, for example, a square and a circle.

⚜️ The straight cross is a symbol of the sun, the creator and the masculine principle.

⚜️ The intersection of two lines symbolizes the meeting of the earthly with the heavenly: horizontal - earthly, vertical - heavenly.

⚜️ In another interpretation, the cross means the harmony of the four elements: earth, fire, water and air.
⚜️ As a symbol of the sun, it comes from ancient religion where it means divine and vital energy.

⚜️ The circle symbolizes spirit, i.e. the spiritual world, the continuity of being and eternity. It is a symbol of divine and vital energy.

⚜️ A circle with a dot inside is the center of the universe, in Ukrainian symbolism it is also a symbol of the sun.

⚜️ The circle is like the sun with rays emanating outward which gives strength and energy. At the same time, the rays wrapped inward, on the contrary, take energy and such a circle can symbolize emptiness.

⚜️ The cross in the circle is the astrological symbol of the Earth. The cross means centricity and the circle symbolizes the delimitation of space.

⚜️ The pure symbol of the circle can be rarely found in embroidery (more on wooden products or on Easter eggs) and it is always present in combination with other figures as an element of a complex design. The circle can be recognized in the Tree of Life, in particular, on wedding towels.
⚜️ Embroiderers from different regions of Ukraine call this symbol differently: they say "Gesik" in Podillia, "keys" in the Dnieper region and they call it "snakes" or "S - motives" in other regions.

⚜️ This sign by its shape resembles a half of a swastika and it visually resembles half of eight (8). Therefore, it is credited with such interpreting as "the path to perfection."

⚜️ The S symbol is a wavy line.

It is the sign of the water that gives life to the harvest. Clothing with "key" symbols is able to protect a person's energy from negative influences.

⚜️ Researchers say that in ancient times this sigma symbol meant a snake for our people which is also associated with water. The serpent, as the guardian of the underworld, symbolized the masculine essence, fertility and fertilization. It appeared looking like lightning in a rainy sky.

⚜️ The hem of women's shirts was embroidered in a series of sigma protecting the mother's essence with their strength.
It is one of the central figures in most of the world's cultures.

The square is the sign of the special number 4 which the Ukrainians understood as a symbol of the primary elements. These are four directions of the world: cardinal points; seasons; life cycles; parts of the day ...

This figure is one of the central ornaments in many cultures. It symbolizes perfection, harmony and order. The crossed square, which is often embroidered in particular on men's shirts, means "earthly field".

The square in the Ukrainian tradition is one of the symbols of the earth. The idea of this figure is to delimit space and to highlight some part (field). Spiritually, a square symbolizes Matter, while a circle is a symbol of perfection -Spirit, i.e. a square is the opposite of a circle.

Squares in embroidery can be found in a row in ribbon compositions, as well as in parts of more complex elements.

The square with a dot in the middle, which is clearly visible in this ornament, symbolizes fertility and is also a symbol of a plowed field.

The eight-petalled flower is a symbol of youth, star, sun, life and prosperity.
Tree of Life (World Tree)
⚜️This is a patrimonial tree. Its roots symbolize the past, its trunk symbolizes the present and its crown means the future.

⚜️ This symbol in the form of an amazing tree or a lush flower plant in a decorated flower pot can be seen in the ornaments of Ukrainian towels, Easter eggs, woven carpets and wall paintings.

⚜️ The tree of life is a figurative model of the harmonious combination of the Universe and man. It signifies the three foundations of the world: "Yav" - the visible world, "Nav" - the spiritual world which is the personification of the other world of ancestors and "Prav" - the world of rules and laws, our customs and rituals.

⚜️ The tree of life never stops blooming, that's why the crown is always adorned with lush colorful flowers. Some of them have already withered, some have just blossomed, others are waiting in buds. Each of the flowers is a different stage of human life.

⚜️ Ripe fruits symbolize the results of human deeds and accomplishments, and the buds are the future generation. The top of the World Tree is usually decorated with a flower - "Fire of Life". Next to it, there are two bright guardian spirits looking like birds, sometimes "birds of paradise". Roots of the tree are immortal like life itself.
⚜️ The name "Meander" is of Greek origin, which got its name from the local river Meander. Scientists have proven the use of this symbol on the territory of Ukraine 20 thousand years ago.

⚜️ In ancient Ukrainian symbolism, its softer curves are associated with water - a harmonious flow of life. It forms an "eternal" endless ornament that whips away like a thread of fate, but always returns to the original source. It depicts the path of life and at the same time is a symbol of eternal existence.

⚜️ Being associated with dancing, this ornament resembles a ritual dance, which Ukrainian girls traditionally performed in the spring, charging the earth with their movements. Most often, the endless symbol can be found on the embroideries of the Hutsul, Volyn, Kiev, Kuban and Poltava regions.

⚜️ Meander patterns often adorned men's shirts, symbolizing strength and vitality.
Red and black

Red color is a symbol of life, energy, and love. Black color symbolizes matter and earth.

The basis for decoding the symbol's meaning is the masculine and feminine principles. It consists of two triangles.

But the most interesting thing is that in the proto-Ukrainian understanding, the three corners of the rhombus are held by a woman (like the three corners of a house), and only the fourth is held by a person who completes the integrity.

A rhombus (with a dot in the middle) is a symbol of a planted field and is extremely important for our ancestors because it means prosperity and well-being.

Diamond-shaped patterns were embroidered on wedding towels and on the bride's wedding clothes.

The waviness that is present in this rhythm of the ornament symbolizes the fluidity of time and the evolution of the Universe.
⚜️ On old Ukrainian embroideries, we can see figures similar to a triangle - chevrons. They are the same triangles having no base (open).

⚜️ The chevrons pointing down mean a feminine or material essence, while the pointing up chevrons mean masculine and spiritual.

⚜️ The chevrons with the top directed downward have been compared to the female womb, the receptacle in which new life is born and nurtured.

⚜️ The linear chevron ornament looks like a jagged pattern, a broken ribbon with rhythmic alternation.

⚜️ A chevron with a line-line intersection at the top is considered to be one of the oldest ornamental signs. It was found in Paleolithic drawings and meant a mountain or land.

⚜️Ancient samples of embroidered towels with chevron symbols were found in particular in the Chernihiv region.
⚜️ The spiral shape means the fluidity of time and the cyclical movement of the solar disk. In the spiral, our ancestors saw a schematic representation of the evolution of the Universe and its infinity.

⚜️ Even the structure of human DNA is similar to the scheme of this ornament: after all, the energy of life continuously flows in each cell.

⚜️ Researchers of ancient symbolism note that the pattern of vertically arranged parallel zigzags symbolized rain falling from above, and horizontal zigzag or straight lines could symbolize heavenly moisture.

⚜️ On ancient samples, there was a symbol of the so-called Trypillian spiral in the form of a circle or semicircle, gradually increasing in diameter.
⚜️ In ancient beliefs, this is a symbol of a narrow gate leading to eternal life. A symbol of the unity of the three worlds: earthly, underground and spiritual.

⚜️ The triangle is a symbol of the three elements - water, fire and air. Three levels of being, three-dimensionality of the world and the Holy Trinity in the later Christian religion.

⚜️ The triangle symbol has long been associated with the element of fire. Some researchers consider our Ukrainian trident to be a modern variation of the triangle.

⚜️ Triangles that touch each other with their tops, resembling an "hourglass", symbolize the World and Antiworld. And the place of their contact is a kind of transition from one world to another.

Sometimes there is a line drawn between the triangles. It is called the "Ring of the Great Glow" and symbolizes a mirror, where one world is reflected in another and vice versa.

Plant motifs
⚜️ Oak leaves, being used as decor in our product (pictured), are a symbol of health and energy, male and female strength. They symbolize stability and strength.

⚜️ Oak in ornaments is a sacred tree and a talisman of life-giving power. It metaphorically connects heaven and earth, the spiritual and material world.

⚜️ A wave or soft bends of a meander in an ornament have always been associated with water and a harmonious flow of life in ancient Ukrainian symbolism.

⚜️ The sign of the wave forms an "eternal" endless ornament, which whips away like a thread of fate, but always returns to the original source. It depicts the path of life and at the same time is a symbol of eternal existence.
A heart
⚜️ It is interesting that, according to our observations, this ornament is usually preferred by those of our clients for whom this area of life has a particular value.

⚜️ Earlier, the heart symbol had been embroidered mainly on wedding dresses for a happy married life.

After all, the heart is a symbol of sincere love, the most beautiful feeling in the world.
Flower, star
This ornament on panties can be considered as an eight-petal flower which is a symbol of youth, stars, sun, life and prosperity.

According to other sources, such ornaments can be interpreted as symbols of stars composed in the shape of Alatyr.

The stars symbolize the connection between man and space, serving as a talisman against evil and negativity and protecting against disease and powerlessness.
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