The meaning of ornaments
Plants in vyshyvanka always mean purity and prosperity of the clan and life.
Stimulates fertility, initiates the birth of healthy children.
A symbol of eternal ardent love, trust and a happy family life.
A sign of fertility and material wealth
The harmony of the two principles develops femininity and protects against negativity.
The figure means time and the cyclic movement of the solar disk.
Creates balance and enhances sexual energy.
In ancient beliefs, it is a symbol of a narrow gate leading to eternal life.
Clothing with this symbol structures, harmonizes and enhances a person's energy.
It is a symbol of prosperity, material wealth and fertility.
It symbolizes the spiritual world, the continuity of being and eternity.
Our ancestors considered the "Cross" a powerful amulet.
They are interpreted as "the path to perfection."
The ornament will reveal the sexuality and girlish attractiveness of its owner.
This is a figurative model of a harmonious combination of the Universe and man.
The square symbolizes perfection, order and harmony.
The symbol of the Creator, personifying the womb of the mother and the center of the Grail.
It is a symbol of harmony created by two balanced streams.